If you care about children, becoming an Education Partner is a way for you to make a real and lasting difference.  We're not just educating the children, we're educating the grown-ups that they're going to be.  Find out more by clicking here . . .  


  • Educate.  Educate a child and put and end to generations of desperation.   Donate Now>         
  • ​House.  Help build a house.  A home means sufficient space and a healthier environment where children can focus on their studies.  Donate Now>
  • Feed.  Alleviate hunger and meet other crisis needs through "Hands of Compassion".  Donate Now>
  • Reach Kids.  ​Provide opportunities for kids to go to camp, youth ministry  and become engaged long term discipleship. Donate Now>

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"A caring place where children learn to think . . . "

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Love At Work Ministries

Putting Christ's Love Into Action 


Love At Work International Christian School

Love At Work International Christian School has become one of the most respected Christian schools anywhere.  It provides children of diverse socio-economic backgrounds with the academic foundation to do well in the best universities while forming the discipline and Christian character that they will need for life

Our vision is that these students, many coming from the poorest neighborhoods, will become articulate, well-rounded Christian thinkers, leaders, doctors, pastors and entrepreneurs who will change the community from the inside out.

A Parent Writes:  "I'm so happy to have made the transfer of my son to Love At Work International Christian School.  

For me, he is my priority and to see him bearing so much fruit in so little time . . . I can truly say God is in this, and he is in good hands.  

Thank you so much for the love and dedication of the teachers and the whole team.  My son has been a crazy dreamer, and this has impacted my life.  I love you and thank you for moving ahead and doing so forcefully.  You can count on me to be with you!" 

  • Mentally, through an education process that produces a love of learning.  Learn about Love At Work International Christian School (below).
  • Physically, through compassion to meet children's basic needs for food, shelter and health care.  For over 15 years, we have been involved in the construction of over 1200 homes in 14 countries.  
  • Spiritually and Socially, through outreach and discipleship to strengthen children's faith, their relationships with God and with one-another.  

Just as Jesus’ life was shaped in a holistic way, we use a holistic approach that impacts children's lives mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

A Holistic Approach

Love at Work is an international Christian ministry working with children living in the urban slums of Alajuelita, Costa Rica to break the cycle of poverty and help them reach their God-given potential.  

Building Better

Lives for Children